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PostSubject: application   Mon Aug 31, 2009 10:09 pm

1. What is your nickname in game? H8me/Lovem3 dbl application
2. What is your main class and subclass (es), level? 2xhe65 3. What gear do you have? full B/ full B bar jewels which r C for both
4. On what server (s) did you play before Celes?abyss,earth,bfde/newbie
5. How long have you been playing on Celes?around 3 weeks each
6. What were your previous clans, why did you leave them? Black Company long story but they still love me/newbie
7. Do u know anyone from NN, who?noone but hope to make some friends
8. How old are you.26/28
9. Do u use TS?y/y
10. How many hours a day do you play?depends we r busy bees but we tryin to play as much as possible
11. Why would you like to join NN?we want to make step up and i think we r rdy for this well we ll see
12. What computer do you have? Processor, ram, video card.2x1.86,1gbram,someintegrated 512mb sh1t/1.6,2gb ram,128mb graphic
13. can u be on epics , sieges and other clan events when u will know what hour and day we will regroup?we ll be doing our best
14. In What hour u play ??tryin to squeeze l2 in between everyday duties so hours vary i ll be more active than wife but i am not goin anywhere w/o her
15. Do u accept our RULES?i like it thou need to see how will it work in practic, ts in eng gonna be a problem for my wife so i expect understanding
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PostSubject: Re: application   Mon Aug 31, 2009 10:13 pm

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