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 Hi there!!!!!!!!

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PostSubject: Hi there!!!!!!!!   Sat Sep 05, 2009 6:31 pm

1. What is your nickname in game? IMO
2. What is your main class and subclass (es), level? BH77/HE74
3. What gear do you have? MJLA Set BOP+13 Desparion stuff MJ juwel set
4. On what server (s) did you play before Celes?Roxy
5. How long have you been playing on Celes?allmost since begining
6. What were your previous clans, why did you leave them?littlefriends,clan broke...
7. Do u know anyone from NN, who? Rezistance
8. How old are you.24
9. Do u use TS?long time ago,but can remember:]
10. How many hours a day do you play? it depence on work but play every day more at evening
11. Why would you like to join NN?Coz my Rezi play here
12. What computer do you have? Processor, ram, video card.7 Gb RAM Geforce 9600 GT Dual Core 2.00 Ghz
13. can u be on epics , sieges and other clan events when u will know what hour and day we will regroup?Iwill do my best
14. In What hour u play ??Latvian time zone
15. Do u accept our RULES?yes
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PostSubject: Re: Hi there!!!!!!!!   Sun Sep 06, 2009 12:33 am

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Hi there!!!!!!!!
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